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Business Seek Frequently Asked Questions

Author:Bob Dollar (Webmaster of Business Seek)
Last Update: June, 14th., 1997


  1. Who Are These Guys Anyway ?
  2. What Can I Do Here ?
  3. Who Can Sign Up ?
  4. How Can I Sign Up ?
  5. How Is My Data Used ?
  6. How Can I Change My Data ?
  7. How Can I Send Suggestions Or Something ?
  8. Can I Put Links To Your Search Engine From My Page ?
  9. What Languages Can I Use ?
  10. Can I Put Your Search Form On My Page ?
  11. I Try To Submit My Data And The Form Don't Work. What Happens ?
So, here we go...

1- Who Are These Guys, Anyway ?

Easy to answer. We're the staff of Personal Seek, this time with a new adventure. Refer to the
Personal Seek FAQ for more info on this field.

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2- What Can I Do Here ?

Here you can find companies from all the world. With this search engine you will be able to search companies for name, country, activity ...
This way you can look at what are they doing out there, what's hot and what's not. And if they have a homepage, then go there and look by yourself...

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3- Who Can Sign Up ?

Any company or professional. If you have a business, and you can contact with us, you can be at our database.

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4- How can I sign up?

Easy as the breeze (as always). You have mainly two ways: fill our HTML form, on 'add', or send me an e-mail at, and I will send you a form by mail. Then you only have to resend it to me, and I will put you in. That's all. Our form tells you what data we need. The main data is: Also, you can tell us some comments that people will see when they find your page. You can be sure that anything will show up if you don't put it in.
Please, don't include HTML code on the form. If you do so, we won't accept your submission. Also, try to don't use commas. If the adding form prompts you to enter a field you don't want to enter, put blank spaces on it.
Business Seek is a free service. You won't be charged for being here, nor for searching here. Please note that we won't include any data by ourselves; you only will find here data if the owner (or somebody else !) put it in.

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5- How is my data used ?

Your data is considered strictly confidential. Our database is for internal use only, and will not be traded, ceded or selled to anybody (we will defend it with our own lives, if necessary). This means you won't receive any junk mail by our side (except ours, of course <grin>). The only e-mail you will receive from us is to tell you news concerning our server. If you don't want to receive even this, send me a note to, and you won't receive anything from us (except our best regards).

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6- How Can I Change My Data ?

A few days after you sign up (depending on tidal flushes and how busy we are) we will send you a register number. Once you have this "password", you can go to our 'modify' form and enter it. Then you will see your data, so you would be able to make any changes you want.

In case you have more than one submit, we will send you a password for every one. If you loose your password, send me an e-mail at telling me:

It may seem this is unnecessary, but we don't want anybody to modify your data for you... Another thing: your unmodified data will show up in our database until next day. So don't worry if you make a search and your data seems to be two times.

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7- How Can I Send Suggestions Or Something ?

Currently you can send any mail to or Only remember that e-mail for the webmaster is read more often than the one for bob. Please, send your normal mail to bob, and reserve the webmaster's address for problems or urgent mail. Thank you.

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8- Can I Put Links To Your Search Engine From My Page ?

Yes, of course. All you have to do is copy this HTML line somewhere in your page:

<a href=""> Business Seek Search Engine</a>

This way you will create a text link. Back to the start

9- What languages can I use ?

We don't speak all languages of the world, so we will be very happy if you give us a hand on this (in fact we barely speak well our own mother language ). So the in-house rules refering to language will be these:

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10- Can I put your search form on my page ?

Yes. Here is the HTML code that will put on your page a nice-looking search form. As ever, just copy it and paste somewhere on your page.

<form method=post action="/search">
<td valign="top">
<CENTER"><IMG SRC="/business/grafs/logo.gif" BORDER="0">
<B>Buscar por:</B><br>
<input size=25 name=Search>
<input type=image src="/business/grafs/busca.gif" align=absmiddle border=0>
<b><font size="1">
<a href="/business/business.htm">Advanced Search</a></font></b>
This way you will have the same search form we have on our main page, button included. As like the link buttons, I suggest you to copy the search button on your page's directory instead of reading it from our server every time (if you know how to do it). This way your page will download faster.

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I try to submit my data and the form don't work. What happens ?

Probably you are using some version of Netscape for X-Window. Sad but true. We've found this problem a lot. Netscape's browsers for X-Window don't show correctly our add form. Sometimes the 'submit' button don't show up, sometimes the country list don't open completely. We've submitted a complete description of the problem to Netscape's guys, so if you find yourself in trouble, please send me an e-mail to and I will send you a form by mail to add your page. If you want, you can e-mail Netscape too and tell them...

If that's not the case, then you're using a browser that don't accept our character encoding (latin 1) or our HTML code. We try to make our HTML code as standar as we can, but we don't have a running copy of all the browsers in the world. So if you find any problem e-mail me at

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I hope this lines have been helpful. If you still have doubts, send me an e-mail to

Yours sincerely

Bob Ant
Webmaster of Business Seek
Webmaster of Personal Seek

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